Scoville & Associates, Inc. provides construction expert-related services to attorneys, businesses, and private individuals to support their efforts to resolve disputes.

Knowledge And Abilities That You Should Expect From Your Construction Expert


1.) Focus:

Not trying to be an attorney. Sticking to the contracted assignment. Impartially identifying the relevant facts and letting the attorneys apply them to the law. Highlighting the irrelevant early on so effort is not wasted on it.


2.) Common Sense:

People are more interested in the practical than the technical. As presented, if it does not make sense, there is a problem.


3.) Critical Thinking:

Determining the priorities. Figuring out, in detail, what happened versus what should have happened where, and why. This includes construction defects and failures.


4.) Communication:

Explaining what happened versus what should have, clearly, and in simple language, text, and graphics.


5.) Experience:

Knowing the overall process of design and construction, the secondary processes, and parallel processes. This includes accounting and cost estimating.


6.) Who does what?

Understanding the roles and responsibilities that each participant fulfills and carries under customary circumstances versus this project.


7.) Detail Orientation:

Careful analysis of the integration, completeness, and accuracy of communications, building documents (plans and specs.), codes, local ordinances, design criteria, and required project records.


8.) Detail Orientation: Written agreements

For contract documents: design and general contracts, change orders, subcontracts, materials purchase orders, shop drawings, other submittals and required testing reports.


9.) Accounting:

Cost estimates and expenditures, determining how much money was needed. Explaining where the money went versus where it
should have gone.

10.) Use of Time:

Evaluation of planning and scheduling (critical path activities), and their communication to those involved.


11.) History:

Recording and clearly documenting, current conditions and related pre-construction conditions and records.


12.) Understanding A to B to C:

Ability to determine root causes, second and third tier causes, and their relative influence on overall outcomes, and to focus on what is relevant. Clear and simple communication of this web of interrelated causes.

13.) Teaching Skills:

Helping people to understand unfamiliar information is perhaps the most important skill of all.

Primary Areas of Expertise

Project design and construction management

Healthcare design and construction

Multifamily projects

High end and monumental residences

Residential renovations

Water intrusion

Construction defects

Life safety system integration

Secondary Areas of Expertise

Geothermal HVAC Systems

Codes And Related Statutes

Permitting, Both Building And Zoning

Roof And Flashing Issues

Weather Caused Damage

Services And Deliverables I Provide In Completing My Assignments

Up Front Claim Reviews

Photographic Records

Written Reports

Graphic Presentation Of Information

On Site Tours



My hands on construction skills that add depth and perspective to my construction expertise are:



Interior Finish Systems

Doors and Hardware




Comments From Clients


I hired Mr. Scoville as an expert witness for an ongoing litigation case involving damage to my property caused by a developer in Circuit Court for Davidson County. Mr. Scoville has been an excellent consultant on the matter, with his years of experience in the field proving to be invaluable to my case. He is prompt, professional and extremely thorough. I would highly recommend Mr. Scoville as an expert witness in any case involving construction projects.

Ryan Walkley
Program Finance/Pricing at L3 ForceX

He is an excellent construction advisor who was very helpful to me in a recent successful remediation of a university student housing deal. My company has used him numerous times when faced with facility, construction and capital expenditure issues in projects financed by our insured bonds. In my student housing workout Steve came in to assess and make recommendations about structural problems with sagging floors and weakened braces in a number of buildings which needed to be fixed for student safety and in order to reopen rooms, improve cash flow and to bring the buildings into compliance for sale to an investing group. Steve has a wide range of contacts in the industry and in combination with his attention to detail and cost was able to put together an extremely cost-effective solution. After assessing the damaged buildings, he discussed them with an engineer who drew up plans to correct the structural flaws, discussed solutions with the housing project’s management company, developed an RFP for local contractors; personally interviewed, negotiated contracts and managed local contractors to undertake the work (at a fraction of estimates provided by large national construction and management companies) and was extremely responsive to my company’s concerns. His services are reasonably priced and he was a pleasure to work with.

Beth SmaydaBeth Smayda

We had a long running problem with cracks forming in the ceiling of our house. After others tried and failed to fix the problem, Steve Scoville quickly showed us exactly what was causing the problem in our house and explained exactly what needed to be done to fix it. Because he took the time to explain the engineering behind the problem, I felt like we understood exactly what was happening and why it was happening. Mr. Scoville also provided us with a comprehensive budget and then stuck to it. Even though the project took several days, he was always very careful to minimize disruption to our family and clean up after himself. Best of all, his fix worked. We are very pleased with his work and are sure he would be successful in whatever work he undertakes.

Erik Lybeck

Associate Clinical Professor of Law Housing Law Clinic Vanderbilt University Law School

Jennifer S. Prusak


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